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Stable Files

The Game is using the latest update of L2J Lisvus Chronicle 4 project.

Advanced Security

Our Server is being protected by the latest Smartguard 3.1 Anti-bot as well as the best Anti-DDoS provided by HyperFilter.

Best Geodata

The Geodata , Pathfinding as well as the Skills Engine is reworked by our experienced developers.

About TheGame C4

Season 2 is almost here!

After taking into consideration all the suggestions of the players regarding the gameplay of the first Season our Team decided to do some adjustments and make the gameplay a bit more interesting.

All the Players will have Full buffs for 1 Hour from the NPC buffer ( Resists included)

A GM-Shop has been added and will provide to the players everything they need.

The Gameplay is based on Farm and Spoil in two Main Farm locations which are Forge of the Gods and Imperial Tomb.( NO Craft involved)

For more information about the gameplay of The Game PvP C4 click here.

The Game PvP x35 was a server which was the history of Lineage 2 in Greece back in early 2000.

This is a server made from players of the old The Game x35 Chronicle 4 Server. We want to assure you that this commitment that our team has made is based on the nostalgia for the good times we had playing Lineage 2 The Game.

You need to know that we are going to take all your suggestions for add-ons in the server into consideration. Every decision made will be firstly going through a poll in our Forum before any action taken.

The Game is using the latest Smart-Guard 3.1 Anti-bot protection. As most of you would probably know by now, Adrenaline distributors have always managed to break any protections in the past, so you have to listen to this, Adrenaline is not compatible with Chronicle 4!

This is a Lineage 2 server made from players for players.
Enjoy your gaming experience!

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