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L2 The Game C4 is a long term commitment that our development team has made,Based on pure nostalgia for the old times where Lineage was..just Lineage. We tried to recreate the old server with it’s simple features but in order to adapt to the modern times some implementations were made.





  • Auto loot enabled.
  • Auto learning skills.
  • New characters are starting with top No-Grade Equipment.
  • Weight limit is increased by x3.
  • Mana Potion : 500 MP (4 sec reuse delay)
  • Anti-buff shield enabled.
  • Offline shop enabled.
  • Wedding between same sex is enabled.(.gotolove)
  • All clan penalties related are disabled.
  • Clan Raid Boss Ranking System
  • Maximum number of clans in an alliance is 3.
  • Fishing is enabled.
  • Manor System is enabled.
  • Fully working Community Board as L2OFF for in-game info(Alt+B)Epic Boss/Raid Boss Status Live Update with Droplist.
  • Auction House in Community Board.
  • ALT+click to show NPC Droplist is enabled.
  • Seven Signs cycle: Retail.
  • Blessed Scroll Enchants are obtained by Raidboss hunting.


  • No custom Armors/Weapons.
  • GM Shop with up to B grade with Adena.
  • A & S Grade Weapons at GM shop will require:
    -Farm and Spoil in Forge of the Gods
  • A & S Grade Armors/Jewels at GM shop will require:
    -Farm and Spoil in Imperial Tomb
  • S Grade Enchant Scrolls are obtained by Spoil in Forge of the Gods
    A Grade Enchant Scrolls are obtained by Spoil in Imperial Tomb


  • Buff slots: 26.
  • NPC with Full Buffs(Resists added too) duration: 1 hour.
  • VIP characters will be able to use Community Board Buffer anywhere in the Wold of Lineage II.


  • Fully working C4 skills.
  • All the skills have been reworked for a balanced gameplay.


  • Free First & Second Class Transfers (with reward) available via NPC or Tutorial window.
  • Third Class Transfer requires hunting 700 Halisha Marks plus 50.000.000 adena (Reward: Book of Giants).
  • Subclass: The players will need to hunt Cabrio/Kernon/Hallate/Golkonda and obtain the 4 Scepters which can be traded to the NPC Subclass Manager among with 100.000.000 Adena and obtain Subclass Status.
  • Noblesse: Requires Full Quest

Raid Boss Info:

  • Clan Raid Boss Ranking System
    -All the Raid bosses 40+ LvL will give Clan Raid points
    -Rewards(Epic Boss Jewels) for the first 5 Clans at the end of the month.
  • All the Raidbosses 70-87 lvl have customised drop lists and rates, dropping S Grade Armors/Weapons and Blessed Scroll enchants.
  • Respawn time:: Retail.
  • *Flame of Splendor Barakiel respawn time: 7-8 hours.
  • Epic Boss Respawn time: Retail.


  • Olympiad Cycle is every two weeks.
  • New heroes on Sunday.
  • Players are able to join and play in the Olympiad Games ONLY with A grade equipment.
  • Hero weapons are not allowed in Olympiad matches.
  • Olympiad requires 5 minimum participants to start.


  • Unique Event Engine in which the players will be able to vote for their favourite event to take place.


  • .donate
  • .menu
      – Buffs refusal mode (Anti-buff Shield).
      – Message refusal mode.
      – Party refusal mode.
      – Trade refusal.
      – Repair char
      – Statistics (Top pvp/pk/online, Castle and Epic Owners).
      – Server info.
      – My info.
  • .changepassword
  • .votereward
      -Individual reward after voting at Hopzone (5 TG Vote Coins and Vote buff)
  • .gotolove (Wedding)
  • .deposit
  • .withdraw
  • .expon
  • .expoff

VIP character:

  • XP: +25%
  • Adena: +25%
  • Access to Community Board Buffer
  • Acess to Autofarm
  • Access to Community Board Gatekeeper
  • .viptele Playername (Both players need to be VIP)
  • Vip Chat: Type ~ before your message in order to use VIP chat.

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